Head Coach & Owner : Miles 

I am an experienced Professional/Amateur boxing coach for many years and qualified personal trainer/Sports conditioning coach. Boxing has always been my passion, using my experience from within the boxing and fitness industry to help others achieve their goals, is my number one mission. If motivation is something that is missing to your attire, book in a session today!    


Coach Miles  




Head Female Coach: Martine

My  regime for clients is holistic training; a whole body workout with stretching and relaxation as part of the key components to your workout. I also offer basic nutritional guidance on a 6-12 month programme, depending on the clients needs, whether it be general fitness, weigth loss, returning to fitness, preparation for a run, strength conditioning or battling physical or mental depression. There is no rush with progression. Winning is the journey! the result and outcomes are a bonus! 

Coach Martine 



Assistant Coach: Henry


If your lacking motivation and are in need of that extra push , then i am your man i am filled with many years of experience in the boxing and fitness game and have also competed in body building many times. I can also assist you in your nutrition journey and design training programs for your to be in optimal shape. Be the better version of yourself and get in contact today.